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  1. Just incase you didn’t receive my email.

    Firstly let me say you’re an actual legend.

    I was wondering if you could upload the latest Javo Directory Theme (currently released 5th October 2014

    It’s greatly appreciated and if you need anything, let me know. I’m a very resourceful man hence why I’m emailing you. =)

  2. Thanks for your kind word man, i don’t really check the email conected to this site often because it’s full of spam. I’m glad i can be of help to you.

    I’ll see what i can do about getting that theme, sometimes it takes a while for me to be able to get my hands on certain themes. But when i get it i’ll upload it here.

    1. Hi mate,

      I’m actually just going to buy the Javo theme from TF for the convenience, support and regular updates. If you want I can upload and link you to the core content in dropbox. Then you can upload it here or to TPB. Just email me where you want the link sent as you should now have my email. 🙂

      I would upload it to TPB myself but I’m in the UK and can only access via proxy since my ISP has blocked all direct links. I could use a VPN but I don’t have the funds or commitment to use it regularly.

      I also have the most recent Minimaze Pro theme and Page Builder which I purchased from thinkupthemes if you would like the content for that too?

    2. Hey man, no idea if you ever read the Contact page here anymore, but if you do see this could you make it so there is a way that we know how to get in touch with you? Otherwise there’s really no way of knowing what’s going on with this site or if we’re being heard when we have products we’re looking for / have and just want nulled.

      Potentially, if there were a way that people could upload and send files directly to you, that would crowdsource this effort. We would be able to get the files we wanted specifically, and then it wouldn’t all be on your shoulders to have to find everything you put on here (which is a ton).

      Also, if you were to add an additional page to this website with a guide to actually nulling in general, that too could be really useful. That would also open up the floodgates and allow for the “made by pirates for pirates” part of the site description to become much more doable.

      Anyways, at the very least just let us know you’re still monitoring these comments if you see this.

    3. Just wanted to let you know there is a new update on the WPJobus theme.

      I have purchased some themes, if there is a way I can send you some of the ones I have purchased are you able to remove any info that leads to me? I also have some plugins and themes from Appthemes. I Purchesed all of them so if there is a way you can activate so all can use without stopping me from using them I am happy to share.

  3. Doing great work here — really appreciate it! Could you possibly put somewhere on this site where we can actually send you themes/plugins to null? It would make things easier for you I’m guessing, since you wouldn’t have to get them all on your own, and it would let us choose specific items we need. Thanks!

    1. Any thoughts on making it possible for us to get stuff to you via somewhere on this site or some other way? Btw, I don’t check the email I’m giving here, just an FYI — it’s a temporary airmail account. Thanks!

  4. A few quick questions — first, is there any risk to importing demo data to the sites? Could the XML files themselves contain any callbacks? Sorry if this is a dumb question, just not certain about it and don’t want to risk anything.

    Also, I have three plugins available that I would like to send to you; they could be useful for others as well who could get them from this site. Is this possible if they’re just uploaded to zippyshare or such and a link is sent to you (either as a comment here or via some other form on this site)?

    1. Are you there, admin? Had these two questions asked some time ago. Otherwise, I’ve got some plugins I’m sure people could find useful as well that it would be great to see nulled.

    1. I second this — Honemoon is a cool theme, although once again if there were a way we could send you these ourselves it would make it loads easier on all involved. That, or if you could have a tutorial available on how to null these ourselves, that would work as well.

  5. I think I posted my first comment in the contact form at the top of this page and followed up with a post here (the one above with the tabs link).
    I don’t mean to spam you guys but I just wanted to let you know that I’m grateful for sharing all the wordpress goodies here, but also wanted to ask if possible, to please share more plugins (and themes if possible) that are not exclusive to wordpress. For example the link in my previous post is of a plugin that can be implemented in any site that meets the requirements. I’d love use that plugin, and would love to find more plugins like that on this site or kindly, if you know of another site that shares plugins that can be used on any platform, please do share.
    Either way, I’m grateful for finding such site and I once again thank you for sharing the awesome wordpress plugins/themes.

  6. Amazing site and amazing work !!!

    Just 2 questions…

    1.- Would be possible to upload the theme called “NOISE” ??? would be awesome ! link:

    2.- Would be also possible to upload the DEMO pages from the X THEME? so I can use them as a starting point to design a site (and see how some effects and parts are done?)

    Thank you so much and again, amazing site !

  7. how do you get around the API Key not being provided? i can’t find a way to activate the product without it! thanks for any helps guys!

  8. Hi sir! Can you please upload the latest version of SEO WP? The latest version is 1.7.5 which is released on January 15, 2015. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    Mark from Czech Republic here. Do you think, you would be able/capable enough to null a full PRO version of absolutlly great Booking System called JoeBooking ?
    Please let me know, thanks a lot!


  10. Dude, just wanted to say, you’re fucking incredible. Seriously. You have no idea how much you’re helping the little guy over here.

  11. I wanted to say thanks for your all your efforts and I wanted to know if you are going to continue to upload content to the site? I see its been a while 🙂

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