Download Nulled Unik v1.3 – Ultra-Customizable WordPress Theme

Download Nulled Unik v1.3 - Ultra-Customizable WordPress Theme

Unik WordPress Theme is a imaginative and completely responsive WordPress Theme for business as well as other website. Unik WordPress Theme comes with trial minimal child theme folder which you can find in the archive downloaded coming from themeforest. You can use it a starting indicate create your youngster themes.

The pages are created via Pages section in the records. If you are absolutely not used to WordPress, please check the Totoal newbies area of the documentation any time you can watch the screencast on making pages in WordPress.
Unik WordPress Theme comes with numerous page templates which can be applied to accomplish different layouts. Developing a blog page is easy. To make sure that you have made some posts through Articles section in admin panel. Once you are decided using the page to display your blog, change it and pick the Blog template.

Unik supports post formats. Post format is a method of styling a certain post. By by using this feature, you can specify the actual display format of your specific post. This feature expands the actual micro-blogging facet of WordPress because now you can have video tutorials, links, images, quotes, audios, statuses, etc.

Unik WordPress Theme comes with user friendly shortcode generator. Just about all you need to carry out is to select corresponding icon inside WYSIWYG view when making a page or even a post. We will not stop on explaining each shortcode as everything is completed automatically, all you need is to be able to click on the primary icon and fill up the corresponding areas.

The shortcode power generator interface is split into 5 main subsections Layout, composition, content, post and contact listing. Since everything is documented in details, you only need to be able to click on matching shortcode and complete the fields.

Flickr widget lets you get and show images from any flickr account getting only account identification. Unik WordPress Theme comes with a couple of custom made icons to provide some additional functionality and make your workflow a lot more convenient.

Unik WordPress Theme comes with GetText Catalog file (.PO) which consists of all strings which can be specific to Unik WordPress Theme and wont be translated whenever changing WordPress language itself.

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